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Compressor cooling water dispenser

11. května 2020 v 9:36 | water dispenser
The cooling speed is fast, the temperature of room temperature water drops to below 10 ℃ after 30 minutes, the cooling effect is good, the minimum temperature of the compressor is 5 ℃ -6 ℃, the supply of cold water is sufficient, but the corresponding cold water and ice temperature hot water dispenser The mid-range price is also high, and the noise is relatively large during cooling.
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purchase guide: Group companies, institutions, conference rooms, office buildings, offices, bars, karaoke halls, etc. When there are many people in need of drinking water, you need to buy a compressor-type refrigeration drinking machine. Because compressor refrigeration is much faster than semiconductor refrigeration, the supply of ice water is also greater than the latter. And from a noise point of view, compressor-cooled water dispensers are not suitable for families who need a quieter home.
Get to know water dispenser price in China. Our products are distinguished by creative and innovative designs, in compliance with safety and health measures.
According to the style, drinking fountains are divided into desktop drinking fountains and vertical drinking fountains
Desktop drinking fountains generally do not have disinfection cabinets or storage cabinets, so they are small in size, easy to move, and cheap in price. However, it has a single function, there is no place to place water fixtures, the exterior design is older, and it is inconvenient to occupy desktop space. If the home space is not large enough, a desktop drinking fountain may be more suitable for you to choose.
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